M-tec technology  Kreativstreifen - Website
Sabine Contag-Knopp

Webdesign for the M-tec technology GmbH

Design of the websites in the team of M-tec technology GmbH

www.m-tec-sichtschutz.de www.m-tec-sichtschutz.at www.haus-gartenportal.de www.m-tec-fensterfolien.de www.sichtschutzdruck.de www.vital-point-berlin.de

Websites with shop system connected with editorial part

The different websites of M-tec technology have been significantly designed by me graphically and textually. In cooperation with the team, various websites on privacy protection and garden topics have been created. But also for a physiotherapy branch of M-tec technology.

Product maintenance in the shop system

I regularly added products with text and images to the shop system integrated into the website. I have edited images and product photos on the sites for the web. For M-tec technology's own products, all product photos, including processing, were taken by me during my employment. Many of the graphic privacy protection products that are offered on the websites (M-tec print, M-tec design, Kreativstreifen) have been designed by and processed for production.

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