Gestaltiungsmedien Sabine Contag-Knopp
Sabine Contag-Knopp

Sabine Contag-Knopp - Graphic Designer

As a graphic all-rounder, I am at home in the online and offline world. Here I present some of my work. Get in contact.

Works from different areas of design and creation.

Professional graphic design for web and print

I have worked for and for various online shops. My work encompasses graphic design from product presentation and photography to the corporate image - from the business card to the business design. There are also website design via HTML and CSS and product maintenance in the shop system. I create texts, keywords and descriptions according to SEO criteria.

Illustrative product design - from idea to print

I designed and implemented illustrative products for the production division of an online trade. From the idea to the finished print template.

Freelance and volunteer work in web design and print design

As a freelancer, I oversee and design websites and create flyers, posters and parts of the website for a non-profit organization.

Graphic and web design through the safe use of many tools

I work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, shop systems, content management systems, Fireworks, Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Word, PowerPoint and of course with a pen, brush and photo camera.

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